Branch Announces Constitutional Leadership Team

In honor of Constitution Day, Representative Dan Branch, Republican candidate for Attorney General of Texas, announces the formation of his Constitutional Leadership Team.

The team includes two icons of the constitutional conservative movement:  C. Boyden Gray and Leonard Leo.  The team also includes 10 former deputies to Attorney General Greg Abbott and 10 legal and campaign advisers to Senator Ted Cruz—including Eric Nichols and Ruth Hughs, who also announce their endorsement of Branch for Texas Attorney General today.

“I’m honored that my record of fighting and winning constitutional causes has rallied so many leading conservatives to this campaign,” said Branch.  “On my first day as Attorney General, I will appoint a team of senior deputies that will reflect the values of the Constitutional Leadership Team I announce today.”

Rep. Branch has defended religious liberties with General Abbott and then-Solicitor General Cruz, worked with General Abbott to strengthen his ability to defend Texas against constitutional attack, and amended the Texas Constitution to reduce the size of government and to ensure accountability for final passage of any law that affects millions of Texans.

“For decades, Boyden Gray and Leonard Leo have been two of the nation’s most stalwart champions of constitutional conservatism,” said Branch.  “Among legal conservatives, few are more respected and admired.  Boyden’s endorsement, following his leadership role on the Cruz campaign, provides a big boost to this campaign.  And Leonard’s advice and counsel will be invaluable in helping me defend the constitutional rights of all Texans.”

As White House Counsel under President George H.W. Bush, C. Boyden Gray shepherded the appointment of Justice Clarence Thomas to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Gray also served on the national leadership team for Cruz’s 2012 Senate campaign.  Leonard Leo organized coalition efforts to support the confirmation of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, and is the Chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.  Gray and Leo also served as two of the most important outside legal advisers to President George W. Bush for his judicial nominations.

Eric Nichols and Ruth Hughs join eight other top former deputies to General Abbott who have previously announced their support for Branch.  Nichols is General Abbott’s most recent former Deputy Attorney General for Criminal Justice, and Hughs is General Abbott’s most recent former Associate Deputy Attorney for Civil Litigation.  Nichols led General Abbott’s efforts to defend voter ID laws in the Texas Legislature.  Branch is also supported by, among others:  Bill Cobb, General Abbott’s lead litigator in the historic 26-state suit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare, and in multiple suits against the EPA; David Schenck, General Abbott’s lead trial counsel in the fight against Eric Holder’s efforts to stop Texas from redrawing legislative districts without federal permission; and Justice Kent SullivanAndrew WeberJim Ho, and Sean Jordan, who worked with General Abbott and then-Solicitor General Cruz on two successful multi-state coalitions to defend Second Amendment rights in the U.S. Supreme Court.

“I’m honored to have the support of the men and women who General Abbott and Senator Cruz trusted to help them fight the great constitutional battles of our time—whether it’s challenging Obamacare, defending Texas against Eric Holder and the EPA, or standing up for voter ID laws and the Second Amendment,” said Branch.  “After evaluating all the candidates, their endorsement says something about who can best carry on General Abbott’s legacy.”

In addition to Gray, Leo, Nichols, and Hughs, Branch’s Constitutional Leadership Team includes other former deputies to General Abbott, as well as advisers to Senator Cruz:  James L. Bayless, Jr.Marcella BurkeBill CobbErin Nealy CoxStephen CoxCharles EskridgeJonathan FrelsRebecca GregoryJim HoSean JordanChief Justice Tom PhillipsJaime RamónDavid SchenckJustice Kent Sullivan, and Andrew Weber.

The Branch campaign has also been endorsed by four former Texas Supreme Court justices, including a former U.S. Attorney General and a former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice, a majority of the Texas House Republican Caucus, including the Texas House Tea Party Caucus Chairman, and 30 leading members of the Texas Young Republican Federation.