Dan Branch Announces Support of over 125 Leading Grassroots Republican Women

AUSTIN – Dan Branch has announced the support of leading grassroots Republican women across Texas.  The announcement of over 125 officers, former officers and members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) supporters comes shortly after filing his candidacy for Texas Attorney General.

“The Texas Federation of Republican Women is the backbone of the grassroots Republican movement here in Texas,” said Branch.  “They have done a tremendous job of mobilizing and uniting our party throughout the state.  TFRW has an impressive history of helping Republican candidates get elected to office.  I am proud to have so many of the leaders and members of this outstanding organization support my campaign for Texas Attorney General.”

Among the list of supporters are statewide leaders, including current TFRW Vice President of Special Events Debra Coffey; former TFRW Vice President of Finance Marilyn Davis; former TFRW President Taffy Goldsmith; and TFRW Military Liaison Brigitte Izzo.

The full list of TFRW supporters includes: Dot Adler, Kathy Armstrong, Susan Banta, Judy Bennett, Pat Bielefield, Claire Boston, Sandy Boswell, Deborah Brown, Brenda Brown, Leslie Bruemmer, Kathryn M. Bryan, Diane Bumpas, Karen Callaway, Barbara Carrasco, Virginia Carter, Cynthia Cathcart, Mary Ceverha, Kay Cook, Ruth Chambers, Glynis Chester, Patti Clapp, Cindy Clendenen, Margaret Cluck, Debra Coffey, Anita H. Conrad, Devin Cook, Jeanne Tower Cox, Barbara Hunt Crow, Taylor Davis, Marilyn Davis, Lynn Dodson, Tess Eugenio, Penny Fletcher, Angie Flores Granado, Mary Fisher, Debbie Francis, Hon. Livia Liu Francis, Tiffany Scott Freeman, Maria Garza-Brown, Katherine Glaze, Taffy Goldsmith, Rebecca Grothaus, Penny Hajdu, Barbara Harris, Marilyn Hilberth, Ashley Hodgini, Peggy Holt, Jan Horne, Glee Huebner, Brigitte Izzo, Phyllis James, Linda Jewett, Cinda Johnson, Ramona Jones, Jill Jones, Hon. Margaret Keliher, Urve Kiik, Kristina Kiik, Tracey Cox Klinge, JoAnne Kroener, Paige Lamb, Jennifer Lang, Bernice Launius, Ann Lee, Hon. Marilea Lewis, Danielle Lobsinger, Kim Locus, Briana Loughlin, Carolyn Baker Loy, Denise Lucas, Peggy Lundy, Ginny Lynch, Gail Madden, Susan Z. Marburger, Sylvia Mayer, Kay McCrary, Debbie McDaniels, Leanne McKinley, Keana Meyer, Hon. Harriet Miers, Elizabeth Miller, Catherine Monk, Shelana Moore, Kelly Nolan, Morgan Dunn O’Connor, Laura Olson, Donna B. Parker, Ann Pavalock, Lori Ashmore Peters, Jennifer Pickens, Susan Plonka, Suzy Pollock, Mary Poss, Michelle Pray, Karen Price, Beccy Rattliff, Terry Reid, Cyndi Reynolds, Sue Ringle, Kathleen G. Ryan, Kara Sands, Hon. Karen Gren Scholer, Brigid Seay, Ali Sharp, Michele Sheets, Debbie Sheffield, Annie Shepard, Nell Sheppard, Cheryl Sheppard, Carol Smith, Linda Staley, Mindy Stenger, Robin Stephens, April Sterling, Deborah Lynn Stewart, Leah Taylor, Tiney Taylor, Ellen Terrell, Staci Thetford, Caroline Thompson, Elaine Travis, Hillary Truner, Jona Vacek, Brooke Villalba, Megan Walker, Pat Walker, Jane Wetzel, Lindsey Adams Williams, Betsy Wolcott, and Dr. Martha Wong.

A lifelong fiscal and social conservative, Dan Branch has proven record fighting for Texas and getting results.

Since 2003, Dan has served in the Texas House of Representatives, where he led the way in balancing six straight budgets without raising taxes, passing the largest tax cut in Texas history, and championing landmark education, open government and pro-life legislation.  In addition, Dan has fought for 2nd Amendment and private property rights, as well as tort reform and transparency.  These efforts have made the Lone Star State a beacon of freedom and prosperity while consistently leading the nation in job creation.  During his first session in the legislature, Dan successfully sponsored Texas’ Minute of Silence Law, restoring the right for Texas students to observe a moment of silent prayer or meditation and say the U.S. and Texas Pledges of Allegiance in the classroom at the start of each school day.

In addition to his service in the legislature, Dan has been a leading attorney for the past three decades, where he has received “Preeminent” rankings in ethical conduct and legal standards.  He is a graduate of the SMU School of Law and previously served as a judicial clerk to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas.

Dan has also received the endorsement of four former  Texas Supreme Court Justices, including a former U.S. Attorney General and a former Chief Justice; ten former top deputies of Attorney General Greg Abbott; 13 legal and campaign advisers to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz; eight conservative former U.S. Supreme Court clerks; Federalist Society leaders across Texas; Leading law enforcement officers, including the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC; a majority of the Texas House Republican Caucus, including the Tea Party Caucus Chairman; over 30 Young Republican leaders; and grassroots activists across Texas.

*The above list of TFRW members represents individual endorsements.  The Texas Federation of Republican Women does not endorse in a Republican Primary.  Titles are used for informational purposes only.