Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) Endorses Dan Branch for Texas Attorney General

AUSTIN – The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT), which represents over 18,500 members and more than 200 affiliates across Texas, has announced its endorsement of Dan Branch for Texas Attorney General in 2014.

“Dan Branch is a longtime friend of law enforcement officers and their families,” said Sgt. Todd Harrison, President of the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas.  “As the state’s largest law enforcement group, CLEAT believes that Dan Branch’s priorities will be to build a strong Attorney General’s office focused on fighting crime and criminals.  Time and time again, Dan has proven his ability to listen and lead, that’s why we’re endorsing him for Attorney General,” stated Harrison.


Founded in 1976 by 400 visionary police officers, CLEAT is the state’s largest legal services provider specializing in representing law enforcement officers in the state of Texas.

“The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas is one of the premier groups for law enforcement officers in our state,” Dan Branch said.  “CLEAT has a rich history of standing up for our state’s law enforcement professionals.  I am grateful and honored to receive their endorsement.  As the next Texas Attorney General, I look forward to working with CLEAT’s 18,500 members to keep Texas safe and law enforcement strong.”

The Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas joins a growing list of Texans and law enforcement groups endorsing Dan Branch for Attorney General.  Since announcing his candidacy for Texas Attorney General, Dan Branch has received the endorsement of:

Law Enforcement:

  • The Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC, representing over 3,700 law enforcement officers;
  • The Texas Municipal Police Association, representing over 20,000 law enforcement officers;
  • The Dallas Police Association, representing over 4,000 law enforcement officers;


Leading Attorneys:

  • Four former Texas Supreme Court Justices, including a former U.S. Attorney General and a former Chief Justice;
  • Ten former top legal advisers to Attorney General Greg Abbott;
  • Thirteen legal and campaign advisers to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz;
  • Eight conservative former U.S. Supreme Court clerks;
  • Federalist Society leaders across Texas;



  • Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association TSCRA PAC, representing over 16,400 ranching families, cattle producers and businesses;
  • The Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND, representing 580,000 member-families;
  • Texas Forestry Association (FORPAC), representing more than 3,000 members;



  • The Texas Medical Association TEXPAC, representing over 50,000 physicians, medical students and family members;
  • The Texas Hospital Association HOSPAC, representing over 369,000 healthcare professionals;



  • Texas Association of Business BAC-PAC, representing over 4,000 small and large business enterprises;
  • The Texas Association of Builders HOMEPAC, representing over 10,000 members;
  • The Texas Apartment Association, representing over 10,000 members;



  • A majority of the Texas House of Representatives Republican Caucus, including the Tea Party Caucus Chairman;
  • Over 125 leaders and members of the Texas Federation of Republican Women and
  • Over 30 Young Republican Federation leaders and grassroots activists across Texas

A lifelong Republican, Dan Branch has worked on behalf of numerous conservative causes, including serving as an adviser to George W. Bush’s presidential and gubernatorial campaigns, an attorney on the Florida recount legal team, a leader of the Reagan/Bush re-election effort in Texas and an aide to U.S. Senator John Tower.

As a top rated attorney with more than three decades of experience, Dan Branch has risen to the highest levels of the legal profession, serving as a judicial clerk and attorney for the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, practicing with some of the most respected lawyers in Texas, starting his own law firm and helping to build one of Texas’ largest law firms.

An accomplished lawmaker, Dan Branch has a proven record of fighting for Texas, getting results and making a difference.  For the last decade, Dan has served in the Texas House of Representatives where he has helped balance six budgets, cut taxes and championed innovative reforms to reduce frivolous lawsuits and improve higher education.  He successfully sponsored laws defending the religious liberties and property rights of Texans from an overreaching federal government and authored landmark constitutional amendments to reduce the size of Texas government and make state government more transparent.

As Attorney General, Dan Branch will stand up to an overreaching federal government, fight for open government and preserve limited government here in Texas.

Dan lives with his wife, Stacey, in Dallas and is the father of their five children.