6 More Republican Sheriffs Endorse Dan Branch for Attorney General

AUSTIN —  Today, South Texas Coastal Sheriff’s Alliance President and Victoria County Sheriff T. Michael O’Connor, along with Sheriffs Stan Parker (Howard County), Sam Jones (Andrews County), Don Copeland (Gray County), Garrett Davis (Briscoe County) and Chad Miller (Concho County) endorsed Dan Branch for Texas Attorney General in the May 27th Republican Primary Runoff.

In recent days, Branch’s broad statewide law enforcement support has continued to swell.  In contrast, his opponent, Ken Paxton, has been losing law enforcement support.  Both the Allen Police Association and McKinney Police Association have recently withdrawn their endorsements of Branch’s opponent, Ken Paxton.  Allen and McKinney fall within state Sen. Paxton’s legislative district.

As of today, 41 Republican Sheriffs, 19 conservative District Attorneys and all major statewide law enforcement groups that represent well over 100,000 Texas officers and their family members have endorsed Dan Branch for Attorney General, evidencing that Branch is the clear frontrunner among law enforcement.  In contrast, the Paxton campaign has yet to announce any endorsements from current Republican District Attorneys or Sheriffs.


“As Attorney General, Dan Branch will lead Texas law enforcement to crack down on violent cartels, prosecute human, gun and drug trafficking, and strongly advocate for the federal government to secure our border,” Sheriff T. Michael O’Connor said.  “Branch would bring to the Office of Attorney General the highest possible rating for professional ethics.  Along with former Sheriffs’ Association of Texas President J.B. Smith and so many of my law enforcement colleagues from around the state, I am proud to endorse Dan Branch for Attorney General.”

“In many ways, our Texas sheriffs are our critical line of defense against smugglers and traffickers,” Dan Branch said. “As Attorney General, I will strongly advocate that the federal government live up to its duty to protect our international borders and will work with Sheriff O’Conner and his colleagues to ensure the safety of Texans in every county.  I am sincerely grateful for his endorsement and his leadership.”

In addition, Sheriffs Parker, Jones, Copeland, Davis, and Miller join Sheriff O’Connor in endorsing Branch.


“The Texas Attorney General must be worthy of our trust,” Howard County Sheriff Stan Parker said.  “Law enforcement officers and conservative leaders trust Dan Branch for Attorney General because of his record as a champion of transparent government, his conviction for standing up to an overreaching federal government and his years of leadership as an attorney and lawmaker.  I am pleased to endorse Dan Branch for Attorney General.”


“As Attorney General, Dan Branch will be an ethical, effective attorney and leader,” said Andrews County Sheriff Sam Jones.  “Dan Branch is the conservative Texans can trust to protect their interests and fight for their values.  I am pleased to endorse Dan Branch for Attorney General.”

“Dan Branch is the dedicated, trustworthy conservative Texans need as their next Attorney General,” Sheriff Don Copeland said.  “I am pleased to join sheriffs across Texas in supporting Dan Branch for Attorney General because he will uphold the law and stand up for Texas.”

“For more than a decade, Dan Branch has fought for Texas and law enforcement in the Legislature,” Briscoe County Sheriff Garrett Davis said.  “As Attorney General, he will continue to defend our state as an ethical, conservative leader.  I am proud to join so many of my colleagues across Texas in endorsing Dan Branch for Attorney General.”

“Dan Branch is the highly qualified attorney and dedicated conservative who will stand up to an overreaching federal government,” Concho County Sheriff Chad Miller said.  “I strongly endorse Dan Branch for Attorney General and encourage Texans to support him in the May 27th Republican Primary Runoff.”

“The dedication and leadership of these Republican sheriffs makes our state safer and improves the lives of Texans,” Dan Branch said.  “I am honored to receive their endorsements for Texas Attorney General.”

Sheriffs O’Connor, Parker, Jones, Copeland, Davis and Miller join prominent law enforcement leaders who have endorsed Dan Branch for Attorney General.

Law Enforcement:

  • Nineteen conservative District Attorneys from across Texas;
  • Thirty-five active Republican Texas Sheriffs, representing Texans from all regions of the state, as well as former President of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas and retired Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith;
  • Texas State Association of Fire Fighters, representing over 14,000 fire fighters and emergency medical personnel in more than 170 Texas cities;
  • Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC, representing over 3,700 law enforcement officers;
  • Texas Municipal Police Association, representing over 20,000 law enforcement officers;
  • Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas, CLEAT, representing over 18,500 members across Texas;
  • Texas Attorney General Peace Officers Association, representing peace officers who report to the Texas Attorney General;
  • Dallas Police Association, representing over 4,000 law enforcement officers;
  • San Antonio Police Officers Association, representing over 2,000 police officers and their families;
  • Houston Police Retired Officers Association, representing over 1,600 retired police officers;
  • Lubbock Professional Police Association, representing over 300 police officers and their families; 

A lifelong Republican, Dan Branch has worked on behalf of numerous conservative causes, including serving as an adviser to George W. Bush’s presidential and gubernatorial campaigns, an attorney on the Florida recount legal team, a leader of the Reagan/Bush re-election effort in Texas and an aide to U.S. Senator John Tower.

As a top rated attorney with more than three decades of experience, Dan Branch has risen to the highest levels of the legal profession, serving as a judicial clerk and attorney for the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, practicing with some of the most respected lawyers in Texas, starting his own law firm and helping to build one of Texas’ largest law firms.

An accomplished lawmaker, Dan Branch has a proven record of fighting for Texas, getting results and making a difference.  For the last decade, Dan has served in the Texas House of Representatives where he has helped balance six budgets, cut taxes and championed innovative reforms to protect life, defend the 2nd Amendment, reduce frivolous lawsuits and improve higher education.  He successfully sponsored laws defending the religious liberties and property rights of Texans from an overreaching federal government and authored landmark constitutional amendments to reduce the size of Texas government and make state government more transparent.

As Attorney General, Dan Branch will stand up to an overreaching federal government, fight for open government and preserve limited government here in Texas.

Dan lives with his wife, Stacey, in Dallas and is the father of their five children.