Fighting Federal Overreach

As Attorney General, I will defend our Constitution, fight against burdensome federal overreaches, and get results.

Whether defending our 1st Amendment religious liberties, the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms or the 10th Amendment’s reservation of power to the States, I will exhaust all available lawful remedies to protect Texas from federal, executive or judicial branch abuse.

As a young lawyer in the mid 1980s, I became frustrated by federal court encroachment on our religious liberty. In the US Supreme Court, Wallace v. Jaffree, activist jurists had struck down a state law that allowed school children to begin their day with a moment of prayer. So during my first term in the Texas House of Representatives, I successfully sponsored a new law to return a daily moment of silence and the U.S. and Texas pledges of allegiance to our classrooms. I then worked with Attorney General Greg Abbott and then-Solicitor General Ted Cruz to successfully defend the law’s constitutionality.

Today, whether it’s the IRS, the NSA, the EPA, or the Justice Department, it seems there’s another story about the Obama Administration’s assault on our freedoms and liberties. I will stand up for Texas and take the fight to Washington and President Obama’s allies who have put a bull’s eye on our freedoms, and are trampling on our Constitution.

In addition, when our federal government fails to protect our international border, or ensure our lawful rights to water protected by a treaty with Mexico, I won’t rest until the federal bureaucrats are held accountable.

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

Fighting For Open and Accountable Government

There is a lot of talk these days about accountability. We all hear a lot more talk than we do see the walk of accountable, open government. I’ve walked the walk.

When I joined the Texas House of Representatives, I was surprised to learn that a new law could pass the state House and Senate without the elected representatives being accountable for their vote. In short, you could pass a new law on a voice vote. I knew this was wrong, and pushed for reform over several sessions.

Finally, I authored and passed a constitutional amendment, which was affirmed by the people of Texas in 2007, requiring legislators to record their votes on all new laws that affect millions of Texans.

The government must also be held accountable for respecting individual liberty. New technologies are also allowing for previously unimaginable invasions of our personal freedom and privacy. President Obama’s Administration shouldn’t have unfettered access to our emails and phone calls. Neither governmental bodies nor private businesses should have unnecessary access to crucial personal information, including our medical, financial and retirement records.

As Attorney General, I will demand that the political process be transparent and accountable, but I will be a relentless advocate for individual liberty.

Fighting For Limited Government

As Attorney General, I pledge that my team will not waiver and will stand firm in protecting our state’s proud heritage of limited government.

Clear and sensible rules are a magnet to attracting and keeping jobs. Over the last decade, I’ve helped lead the fight in the legislature to reform our civil justice system and reduce frivolous lawsuits. The results are obvious. Studies show our economy has expanded greatly as a result of tort reform.

I will fight to preserve our essential legal infrastructure – a reasonable regulatory climate that clears our courts of junk lawsuits and protects our property rights and liberty.

Fighting for Criminal Justice

Texans have a commitment to individual responsibility. When someone runs afoul of the law, justice must be swift.

The Attorney General’s office collects child support payments from parents who are ordered to do so by a court.  In Texas, deadbeat fathers or mothers will not be tolerated. As a father of 5, I am a strong advocate for life, the health of women and children, and for protecting the most vulnerable among us.

Attorney General Greg Abbott is to be applauded for taking seriously the threat of child predators, including those lurking behind a keyboard.  I commit to redouble his efforts to work with local law enforcement and apprehend online sexual predators that target our kids.

On my watch, if you abuse children in Texas, you will be stopped.